AppDiscovery Lab shall bring your ideas to life building products that can be a part of daily habits of a large number of users worldwide.

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Website development, software development, and web design

We offer a wide range of solutions for web development, web design, and software development. We focus on mobile-first design and guarantee that your website is responsive, renders fast, and keeps up with the pace of Google’s PageSpeed standards.

software development

Your business isn't listed in the Google Search?

We help to improve the ranking of your business in Search Engines like Google, Bing, etc. We apply best SEO practices by improving your content quality and guaranteed to boost your business ranking in online searches.

How we work

We work with plans in order to turn your ideas into real products. We follow standard software development methodologies like Agile for most of our projects. Every business needs a solution to increase their productivity. We try to understand the problems & provide consultation on probable solutions. We help you to decide to select the best solution and execute our solution planning.


Understand projects.
Gather requirements.

Design & Develop

Out of the box design.
Best coding practices.


Comprehensive testing.
Security testing & Bug fixing.


Timely launch.
Happy clients.


Long term support.
Compatibility fixes.

Why AppDiscovery Lab?

We work with businesses & individuals to build the right digital pathways to help you improve your productivity and achieve your business goals. We don’t just work for you; we work with you to build digital solutions that solve real world business problems. We are committed to building product that not only meets, but surpasses your vision.

Besides, our commitment to serve does not end with building the right product. We make sure to satisfy all of your requirements as well as provide a reliable support service throughout and after project completion.


  • Technology Selection
  • Code Evaluation
  • Pattern Development
  • Integration Strategies
  • Cloud Solutions
  • DevOps Support


  • Design Sprint
  • Persona
  • Usability Study
  • Sketch
  • Prototyping
  • Field Testing


  • .NET
  • NodeJS
  • PHP & Laravel
  • Python
  • iOS & Android
  • React & Angular

We follow the latest coding standards.

We just don't write code. We write code that follows defined standards to give you the best quality software. Well formatted code and well-documented code is what we offer. We focus on code re-usability, efficiency & maintainability.

software development

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Feature: Bottles # ./features/bottles.feature

  Scenario: A bottle falls from the wall
     Given 100 green bottles are standing
     when 1 green bottle accidentally falls
     then there are 99 green bottles standing

 ---------- ----------- ------- -------- --------
  Features   Scenarios   Steps   Passed   Failed
 ---------- ----------- ------- -------- --------
  1          1           4       ✓ 4      0

  Completed 1 feature in 0.01s

We choose the best service providers.

We work with only best-service third-party providers like Amazon Web Services for scalable and programmable cloud infrastructure allocation, Digital Ocean for virtual private hosting and Namecheap for domain registration and DNS management.

AWS software development Cloud software development Digital software development Namecheap software development

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