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AppDiscoveryLab has established itself as the best software company in Nepal. Established in 2017, with the vision to transform unique ideas into real software systems, services, and products. We have a strong willingness to apply technology in areas like health, education, career growth, and development. We target to take businesses online and improve their productivity, accessibility, and manageability. Our brilliant team consists of software developers, website developers, web designers, graphic designers, QA, and a support team. Some of the IT related services that we provide are web development, mobile app development, software development, digital marketing, SEO, graphic designing, Quality Assurance and more.

Additional Services


Engagement Management

Complex projects require a committed team. Our engagement managers ensure that the team, including clients, is on the same page, working iteratively through our Agile design and development processes.

Research & Strategy

We don’t just care about the code - we care about the core business. From the start, we’ll work with you to understand why you’re willing to build software, what outcomes you want to achieve, and put the strategy and reporting in place so that product delivery stays on track.


Quality Testing

We combine manual and automated testing and apply our experience with trusted automation frameworks to help you accelerate releases, increase test coverage, and fix bugs before they are reported on production.

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Who we are

We are a team of young, energetic and experienced professionals with strong technical pedigrees and an innovative spirit. We allow our clients to focus on their business while we focus on the technologies and solutions. Providing optimal software development solutions is what we do - and we are good at it.

We don’t only solve problems. We analyze our proposed solutions, match them to your problem domain, and optimize them for performance and user experience. Finally, we integrate them into a whole-package solution of your intended product or application.

End users are guaranteed the latest user experience.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Software Technology is dynamic with new tools and technologies constantly being devised and developed. We don’t just keep up with the change - we are part of it. Rather than continuously relying on old and deprecated technologies like so many do, we implement new technologies for more robust and effective solutions.

  • We also provide continuous long-term support.

  • We are a one-stop software company providing all IT related services like web development, mobile app development, SEO, digital marketing, web hosting, domain registration, VPS setup.

  • As a top software development company, our vision focuses on Timely Delivery and High-Quality Service. One should never compromise the other.

  • We provide high-quality services at a cost-effective price range.

  • Timely completion of the project is another reason to choose us. We analyze the size and complexity of the project and figure out the time required for the completion of the project.

  • Micro Solutions

  • Optimal Approach

  • Service Conscious

  • Timely Deliveries

A Diverse Team

We have an all-star cast of professionals that work hard and play hard.


Software is only valuable if people use it. Our design team ensures they understand not only what needs to designed, but also what the targeted consumer group tends to prefer. Doing so enables them to offer a killer experience that results in rapid adoption of your web or mobile app.

Designer skills

UX Design, Visual design, Front - end Development, Usability Testing, Research, Branding


From understanding the latest development frameworks to establishing a solid software foundation, our developers won’t just write quality code - they’ll help you make critical technology decisions along the way.

Developer skills

Nodejs, Python, Laravel, Typescript, Kotlin, Java, Swift, React, React - Native, .Net

Project Managers

Project Managers ensure you know what’s going on, what’s coming next, and how to think through critical decisions along the way. Our PMs keep the train running and everyone on the same page from facilitating daily stand-ups to overseeing budgets and communication.


Estimation, Planning, Feasibility Study, Implement Agile Approach to Development

Quality Assurance

Any software needs thorough testing. Our professional quality assurance testers are involved from the start of project to ensure that at each stage of development and delivery, the software meets our stringent quality requirements.


Manual and automated testing, User interface reviews, Performance testing, Scalability, Service level testing, Integration testing, Security Testing

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