Quality Assurance and Testing


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Quality Assurance

Compatibility Testing

Compatibility testing is non-functionality testing to evaluate the apps compatibility with different environments. We rigorously test your software, application, or website to ensure compatibility with all OS, browser, database ,software applications, and hardware you support.

Quality Testing

Functionality Testing

Functionality testing is a part of software testing in which software it tested as per the functional requirement and specifications. Our functionality testing will help your company deliver bug free and high quality products with a minimum amount of issues and ensure your product functions as intended.

Performance Testing

Performance Testing

Performance testing is done to check the run time performance like speed and effectiveness of the software. We provide load, stress, and performance testing for software, applications, and websites. Helps you to understand everything from average page response time to maximum user loads.

Usability Testing

Usability Testing

Usability testing is done to ensure the software functions as per the customer standard and meet their expectations like design, features and more. We test the usability of all software, applications, and websites. We determine how easy it is to use your product and measure what kind of user experience your customers will have.

Website Testing

Website Testing

We test websites and verify the visitor’s user experience. This allows us to assess the compatibility, performance, usability, and accessibility of your website for the optimal user experience.

Our Concerns for Software Testing & Quality Assurance

  • Managed testing services
  • QA consulting
  • Quality assessment

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